new tab page

An alternative new tab page for Chrome. It uses bookmarks for the links, so to add a link you just add a bookmark in a specific folder.

GitHub: dark-newtab ยท Tech used: Javascript (ES6)

The background is supposed to make it look like the page is transparent, showing the desktop wallpaper. It's loaded from http://localhost/dark-newtab/bg-full.png. The page actually loads bg-small.png in the same directory first, which should be a smaller version of the same image. Otherwise the page would flash black because a 3840x1080 image takes a couple of frames to fully load and render.

Fullscreen screenshot

The colors are obtained using Vibrant.js on the favicon (and cached in local storage). The links themselves are loaded in from a bookmarks folder:

Other bookmarks
 -  New Tab
     -  Social
         -  Reddit
         -  Facepunch
         -  YouTube
         -  ...
     -  Webcomics
         -  xkcd
         -  Oglaf
         -  ...
     -  ...

A closeup of some of the links

If you press Tab once from the address bar, you can open a link by typing two letters based on its position.

Link hints